Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taman Tun Fuad Stephens

Those pictures are taken by me when i went to Taman Tun Fuad doing research for my KS assignment..
Taman Tun Fuad is a nice place..
The surrounding make me feel comfortable when i'm at there..
The day we went d weather are shady..
luckily didnt rain..if not our research cant be done..
Actually dis place is 1 place that is similar to Tanjung Rambutan in West Malaysia..
haha..if got chance i really come back to this place..
d food here is delicious..
gt water theme park here..
can jogging here aso..

Before we reach our destination..
one thg happen..
I cant believe wat octopus said are true..
I met an accident today when i'm on d way going to Taman Tun Fuad..
dat time i sit in d car..
suddenly "PONG!!!" heard by me..
dat time my friends and i were shocked..
luckily we are safe..
bt d car got some damaged..
i thk i wont 4get this incident..