Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53th Merdeka~

Finally have 1 day holiday dat make me feel relax..
I duno why i'm lazy today..
feel like doing ntg..
i jz wan start packing my thgs go back hometown..
cant wait friday coming..
i miss my home, my room, food so much~

Go back penang should i b happy?
i duno..i jz hope dat i can enjoy my holiday..
bt i thk it cant b achieved
because some reason..
i hope everything will be pass soon..
i wan faster getting well soon..
i want eat spicy food..
it been so long i didnt eat spicy food T.T

after holiday many activities are coming soon..
pesta tanglung, PLBD(camping) and hand in our assignment..
i thk i wont have enuf rest time..
pesta tanlung? i had to sing dat night..i thk i will tension until shivering..
camping? dis word is such a unfamiliar word for me since i f4..
i had long time didnt go for a camp..
i even forget the camping knowledge and d knots i learn b4..
such a failure~

God please bless me..
i dont want waste any money in dat again..
i'm being tired go to hospital..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pain =.=

From yesterday i felt gastric..
i taught after i drunk it can be cured..
bt i'm totally wrong..
it still pain..
dat time i'm doing my homework..
i had to stop doing although my homework still left much..
i laid on the bed..
after dat someone gave me the medicine..
actually i really dont want brg any trouble to anyone..
i thk sleep will cure it..
anyway..thx for the medicine..

Today our timbalan pengarah bersara..
it is a bad news for all of us..
because he is a good person..
we lost such a good leader in IPG KAMPUS GAYA
before the ceremony start..
my stomach pain again..
what happen to my stomach??
i had ate food alrdy but y still will pain???
i aso duno is wat pain alrdy..
Stomach??Gastric??and feel like vomit...
HELP me pls~
i dont want suffer from this again..