Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad mood

Today is an unlucky day for me..
1st, given warning by 1 lecturer and actually i didnt do anything wrong..
2nd, almost quarrel v friends..
3rd, ummi check our room and ask to change langsir and decorate the room
4th, not believed by the person i believe most and feel disappointed..well, maybe u are not in my shoes and will choose to stand in ur classmate sides..

now i'm totally weak..
seem like got anything happen will let me straight away fall down..
i miss my home right now~~~~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Erm i would like to share something about my new friends here..

1) "Star"
I eagerly hope that u will have any changes after i told u about the problem. but nothing is changes. Very disappointed but what can i do? just be patient. Anything just can keep in heart. U know that i need how much courageous to say out what in my mind? but u neglect it. Got somebody told me that u changed,after i observed, i noticed that really got some changes on u. Honestly, i dont like it.

2) “Za dao"
Hurm..i know that u are despressed these day. all i can do is be the good listener. I cant do anything more except that. i hope that u can be strong and dont give up so easily. Try think some positive thing and even can think those who worse than u..for example, me. If u are in my condition, i think u sure can sustain it anymore and cry over days and days. I will support u.hope everything will be okay.

3) "Liar"
I always call u like that..u wont mind it la hor?? haha.. thanks for accompany me when i seem being alone and emo.. i know ur mind sure full of question y i bcome emo again these days right?? haha... one advice to u..dont hurt the person that love u so much because girl's heart are same like glasses, easily broken.

4) "Tukang angkat"
I just know u for five months only. but u done so many things and touched me. When i'm sick u accompany even till midnight I feeling not well and sms to u..u aso will wake up and reply me..really touched during that time.. u always support me and give me strength not to give up..u concern about my condition. U always cheer me up when i'm down. u like to joke and make me smile. When i keep quiet i didnt say anything u noe that i'm not happy or i feel pain due to my sickness. u will come to ask me how am i and ask me to rest,.the most funny thing is u always say sorry to me..but u did nothing wrong actually..the person that should say sorrt didnt meant it also..should say sorry d person not u okay?? dont say sorry to me again..>.<

5) "XXX"
Still duno what nickname should give to u coz i know u not till 1 month.. erm u want say wat just go ahead..i wont mind it..but please dont always ask me to miss u or wat wat wat......i wont do so unless i fall in love with u..haha..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

End of PLBD

Finally i wait till the day end of PLBD..
although body is tired..
but the mind is more tired..

Happen many things during this camping..
first, I feeling not well is not i want..
pleasa dont blame me or say i jz act it..
if is u, do you hope that u sick?
do u hope that u have to suffer the pain almost everyday?
i also dont want to fell sick, who wants it?

second, i had to apologize to those who saw me "black face" during the third day..
that is because smtg happen in that day..
this is not the first time..
i duno y u dont like me..
u dont talk to me that is ok..
i wont care it..
but u scold me without reason..
not the first time..
if is first time only, i can just take it as u r kidding to me..
but NO!!
u scold me without hear my explanation..
next time i think i keep quiet better..

third, i want to say sorry because i refuse to take photo v u..
jz can say d timing is not correct..
got so many times during this camp but u choose at that time, that place and that someone is sitting there aso..
so this is d reason i refuse it..

it's so suffer if always keep d real feeling in the heart just like keeping secret..
if u all wan to take me as a joke go for it..
i dont want to care anymore..
last time after rumah terbuka i just know that i'm being played..
i duno is who's idea..
but if u enjoy that i being cheated..
go for it..
dont want to say anything more~

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Suddenly i felt regret that i deleted all my post before..
these day i had a short memory..
so pls always remember me anything u want me to do..
if not i sure will forget..
forgive me ya..
before that d memory all are deleted..
since when i had this blog??
erm if not wrong..
i think since f5 i had been writting d blog alrdy..
till now 2 years alrdy..

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Tommorrow is UKJK test alrdy..
i hope nothing will happen on me..
do not get injured again..
or run till fainted..
or stomach pain..
or leg pain..
i noe my injury nt yet recover..
bt i dont want do assignment..
so i prefer to take d UKJK test although noe it is dangerous..

yesterday my situation is not good..
i went to do acupuncture..
and after i had a nap..
when i wake up..
i feel that the pain coming again..
i duno how to describe this feeling..
it being more than 1 month..
is it didnt totally recover??
my stomach is pain..and i could not do anything..
jz eat non-stop and lay on my bed..

what can i do now??
jz can pray that tml ntg is happen..
i afraid of seing blood..
i afriad of suffer from pain anymore..
*God Bless Me*